Abstract Works (2018 - present)

My work has always been more concept than style based, which allows me to freely choose the media and visual language that better fits the needs of each project, knowing that every artwork always bears the imprint of its creator, in different ways.

When painting I use to juxtapose and superimpose images and symbols on Abstract Expressionist backgrounds -“on the surface, an intelligible lie; underneath, the unintelligible truth showing through”, as Milan Kundera wrote in his novel Immortality. In 2018, however, I decided to dive into my work's backgrounds in order to explore in depth its “unintelligible truth” part, fully centering my energy on how to create good Abstract paintings while allowing my hand to have fun, within the gestural post-war tradition.

In a Zen-like state of mind I explore, and enjoy, the fluidity of the paint as a substance, and its almost sexual ability to engender new shapes when mixed / spread by a brush or any other analogical tool.