"Rafael Lopez-Ramos has been always bent on deconstructing the ideological fallacy hidden behind the bread-and-circus, virulent strategy so dear to Western societies. His present Wonderland series appropriates visual iconographies coming from the advertising world, intertwined by the artist in exuberant, meaningful palimpsests.The recurrence to the female figure is crucial in this series. Echoing the long-standing tradition of ‘woman as object of desire’ that pervades not only the Fine Arts but also the entertainment industry, Lopez-Ramos creates an interesting counterpoint between High and Mass culture". ​Janet Batet

"Lopez-Ramos’ artwork inherits the rebellious spirit and legacy of most of the 20th century, from Rauschenberg’s Combines and Lichtenstein’s paradoxes to Bad Painting, passing trough Malevich and Magritte, the multi-imagery of David Salle, the disturbing messages of Brazilian political artists Meireles and Oiticica, to the recognizable civic pathos of the dynamic, anti-establishment 1980s Cuban art."

Joaquin Badajoz


"López-Ramos aspires to show how much of a nightmare is contained in advertising images. His collages are unusual forms of an eroticism that is attractive but at the same time, shocking. The sensual bodies of the models, women’s erogenous zones appear crudely associated to cosmetic products, to prices of merchandises and to phrases that command us to buy".

Ernesto Menéndez-Conde